Mianserine in Ambulatory Practice

Authors: H. Kučerová
Authors‘ workplace: Soukromá psychiatrická ordinace Hranice na Moravě, vedoucí MUDr. H. Kučerová
Published in: Čes. a slov. Psychiat., , 1999, No. 2, pp. 85-90.


The author presents basic criteria for decision on the tactics and strategy inthe treatment of depressive states in ambulatory practice. She describes thecase-histories of four patients with different forms of depression where mian-serine proved very useful. She pays attention to the marked antidepressive,antianxiety and sedative effect of mianserine, incl. references to the literatu-re. Anticholinergic effects were not observed. The author considers mianseri-ne a drug very suitable in depressive syndromes with a marked anxietycomponent and insomnia, in particular in major depressions (endogenous),i schizoaffective disorders, and in minor doses, also in reactions to seriousstress.

Key words:
mianserine, depressive syndromes, anxiety, out-patient conditi-ons.

Full text is not available online.
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Addictology Paediatric psychiatry Psychiatry
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