Chalcones and Their Heterocyclic Analogues as Potential Antifungal Chemotherapeutics

Authors: V. Opletalová;  D. Šedivý
Authors‘ workplace: Katedra farmaceutické chemie a kontroly léčiv Farmaceutické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy, Hradec Králové
Published in: Čes. slov. Farm., 1999; , 252-255


Chalcones and their heterocyclic analogues show various biological effects, e.g. anti-inflammatory,antitumour, antibacterial, antituberculous, antiviral, antiprotozoal, gastroprotective, and others.The present review discusses in greater detail the fungistatic and fungicide properties of thesecompounds and presents also their chemical structures. The mechanism of antifungal effects ofchalcones and their analogues has not been investigated in greater detail. Due to the presence ofa reactive ketovinyl moiety in the molecule the compounds of this type are able to react with thethiol groups of enzymes. It cannot be excluded that chalcones interfere with the normal function ofthe membranes of fungi and moulds. Further investigation of chemical, physical, and biologicalproperties of chalcones and their analogues could lead to the elucidation of the mechanism of theiraction and finding of effective fungicidal and fungistatic agents in this group of organic substances.

Key words:
chalcones – heterocyclic analogues of chalcones – antifungal activity

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Pharmacy Clinical pharmacology

Article was published in

Czech and Slovak Pharmacy

1999 Issue 6

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