Patient with Atypical Neurocytoma –  Case Report

Authors: D. Vrána 1,2;  K. Cwiertka 1;  L. Lukešová 1;  O. Kalita 3;  J. Ehrmann 4;  S. Buřval 5;  P. Koranda 6
Authors‘ workplace: Onkologická klinika LF UP a FN Olomouc 1;  Oddělení toxikogenomiky, Centrum toxikologie a zdravotní bezpečnosti, SZÚ Praha 2;  Neurochirurgická klinika LF UP a FN Olomouc 3;  Ústav klinické a molekulární patologie LF UP v Olomouci 4;  Radiologická klinika LF UP a FN Olomouc 5;  Klinika nukleární medicíny LF UP a FN Olomouc 6
Published in: Klin Onkol 2013; 26(5): 362-364
Category: Case Report


Neurocytoma represents a rare tumor of the central nervous system usually slowly growing and generally with good prognosis after surgical resection with or without adjuvant radiotherapy.

A 25‑year‑ old woman presented with sudden fainting. During the initial workup, brain CT was completed with finding of tumor inside the third ventricle spreading into both lateral ventricles. The patient underwent partial surgical resection followed by radical gross resection, no adjuvant radiotherapy was indicated during the initial treatment and the patient was followed up with regular brain MRIs and clinical examinations. Thirty‑ six months after the initial resection, there was progression on MRI and radiotherapy was recommended. At this moment, patient is 12 months after radiotherapy with stable disease on MRI and with good stable performance status.

One of the greatest problems in the management of neurocytoma is the timing of adjuvant radiotherapy. From published data, it is clear that adjuvant radiotherapy increases local control; however, this has to be considered carefully against the possible risks from late side effects of radiotherapy considering long-time survival of the patients.

Key words:
neurocytoma –  radiotherapy –  proliferative index –  brain tumors

The authors declare they have no potential conflicts of interest concerning drugs, products, or services used in the study.

The Editorial Board declares that the manuscript met the ICMJE “uniform requirements” for biomedical papers.

7. 5. 2013

4. 6. 2013


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