Echocardiography in acute aortic syndromes

Authors: J. Kunstýř;  M. Pořízka
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika anesteziologie, resuscitace a intenzivní medicíny, 1. lékařská fakulta Univerzity Karlovy a Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze
Published in: Anest. intenziv. Med., 28, 2017, č. 5, s. 316-319


Acute aortic syndromes are life-threatening situation necessitating prompt and correct diagnosis. Ultrasound is the fastest available imaging method for the anaesthetists and intensivists in the intensive care units and emergency rooms. In this brief article, the authors present specifically just the basics of echocardiography in these situations while intentionally omitting other important points concerning the issue: the prevalence, classification, epidemiology, risk factors, symptoms, other imaging methods and details of treatment of acute aortic syndromes.

echocardiography − acute aortic syndromes − aortic dissection


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Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Inten Intensive Care Medicine
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