Successful use of sugammadex in morbidly obese patient with a history of postoperative respiratory failure – Case report

Authors: Brabcová Milena;  Vymazal Tomáš
Authors‘ workplace: KARIM, 2. LF UK, Fakultní nemocnice v Motole
Published in: Anest. intenziv. Med., 24, 2013, č. 3, s. 157-159
Category: Anaesthesiology - Case Report


Non-depolarizing muscle relaxing agents are routinely used in nearly two thirds of general anaesthetics. Residual neuromuscular blockade as a major side effect leads to hypoventilation and can contribute to the development of postoperative aspiration and pneumonia. This case report compares the peri-operative course of a patient who underwent the same surgical procedure within tree years. It corroborated the effectiveness and reliability of sugammadex.

residual neuromuscular blockade – hypoventilation – sugammadex


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Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Inten Intensive Care Medicine

Article was published in

Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

Issue 3

2013 Issue 3

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