Petroleum Derivates Aspiration - a Case Report

Authors: D. Podhorný;  L. Voříšková;  P. Smetana
Authors‘ workplace: ARO, NsP Chomutov, primář MUDr. Pavel Smetana
Published in: Anest. intenziv. Med., , 2002, č. 2, s. 79-82


ARDS is caused by pulmonary or extrapulmonary injury, when the pulmonary injlection happens by complex mechanism of multiorgan failure. Principal morphological manifestation is noncardiogenic pulmonary oedema, principal pathophysiological incidence on one's behalf organism is pulmonary oxygenation failure. Oxygenation failure is assessed by the oxygenation index (yuotient between arterial pOz and FiOz) We describe a tase of urgent development of ARDS after petroleum derivates aspiration by worker noncomplying with safety code at work in closed room.

Key words:
ARDS - work safety - noninvasive ventilation - selective bacterial decontamination

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Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Inten Intensive Care Medicine
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