Perinatal traumatism

Authors: Pavla Krčmová 1;  Jana Dvořáková 2
Authors‘ workplace: FN Brno 1;  NCO NZO, Brno 2
Published in: Hojení ran 7, č. 2: 31-33, 2013


The paper is focused on a description of a perinatal trauma in a newborn. The procedures of the phased wound healing in the newborn with the perinatal trauma – the atypical fracture of humerus and the non-healing wound caused by the immobilization bandage – are presented. A special attention is given to the use of traumatic procedures and non-adhesive materials as suitable agents for the wound care.

Key words:
perinatal trauma, skin lesion, phased healing, newborn, Safetac technology


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