A wound treatment in the intensive care from a physiotherapist’s point of view

Authors: Kateřina Spilková;  Markéta Koutná
Authors‘ workplace: KARIM, 1. LF UK a VFN, Praha
Published in: Hojení ran 7, č. 2: 28-30, 2013


Physiotherapy is an integral part of the health care and it is targeted to achieve a maximal functional ability of a given individual. Its association to the wound healing has been less known yet, and it has been inadequately familiarized until now. The cooperation of a nurse and a physiotherapist improves patient’s mobility and his/her early functional integration to the society. In patients in the intensive care (IC) it is a question of an early dismissal to a department of subsequent medical care without the occurrence of motoric complications that emerged during the hospitalization. The paper shows some professional errors associated with an inappropriately selected fixation of wounds. It explains reasons for the individual approach to the wound fixation and it brings the physiotherapist’s view on the options of wound care.

Key words:
wound healing, physiotherapy, positioning, lymphatic edema, impairment of peripheral nerves


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