Authors: prof. MUDr. Libor Páč, CSc.
Authors‘ workplace: Anatomický ústav LF MU, Brno
Published in: Urol List 2006; 4(4): 10-12


Distinct sentinel lymph node marking is an objective pursued by surgeons tackling the issue of removal of lymph node metastases. Meeting this objective continues to be a challenge in the case of prostate metastases. Lymph from the prostate drains in 3 directions, into 2 groups of lymph nodes in the pelvis, i.e. nodi lymphatici iliaci interni (nodi lymphatici obturatorii, nodi lymphatici sacrales), nodi lymphatici iliaci externi.

nodi lymphatici iliaci interni, nodi lymphatici iliaci externi, prostate, prostate sentinel lymph node


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