Authors: MUDr. Robert Grill 1;  doc. MUDr. František Záťura;  CSc. 1;  doc. MUDr. Michael Urban 1;  Prof. ass. Paul Palascak Md 3;  Walter Gomez - Orozco Md 3
Published in: Urol List 2005; 3(1): 14-21


Authors present classification of renal trauma in the first part of a review article. Further they present conservative treatment procedure of renal traumas, open revision surgery and other procedures which can be used for the treatment of renal trauma. For some treatment procedures there are illustrative case reports of patients from authors' site set forth. Finally authors' opinions on decision making for optimal treatment procedure of renal trauma with regard to maximum possible preservation of the organ and its function are formulated.

renal trauma, conservative treatment, open revision surgery, preservation of renal parenchyma


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