Plasmocytoma with phagocytic activity

Authors: Gaja A. Buliková A. 1 2;  J. Novotný 3;  L. Křen 4
Authors‘ workplace: Hematologické oddělení nemocnice, Třebíč, 2Oddělení klinické hematologie, Fakultní nemocnice, Brno, 3Transfuzní oddělení, Fakultní nemocnice, Brno, 4Oddělení patologie, Fakultní nemocnice, Brno 1
Published in: Transfuze Hematol. dnes,, 2004, No. 2, p. 76-77.


Plasmatic cells rarely show phagocytic activity. In this paper we describe that plasmatic cells significantlyphagocytose erythrocytes, erythroblasts, neutrophils and thrombocytes in bone marrow of 68years old man in whom multiple myeloma was diagnosed. Considering that clinically significantcytopenia, on the basis of phagocytosis of blood elements, was not evaluated, the status has notimmediate response to treatment. However, it is morphologically interesting phenomenon.

Key words:
plasmocytoma, phagocytosis, erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes

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Haematology Internal medicine Clinical oncology
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