Production of the Blood Transfusion Service in the CR in 2000

Authors: P. Turek, kol.
Authors‘ workplace: Ústav hematologie a krevní transfuze, Praha
Published in: Transfuze Hematol. dnes,, 2001, No. 2, p. 66-67.


The production of the Blood Transfusion Service in 2000 follows trends of previous years. The majorityof collections is performed in not very large centres and is locally processed, less then 10 % of collectionsare sent for processing to another center. The donor population is stable but lower than recommended(36 donors per 1000 population). The great majority of donations is without remuneration (97 % of wholeblood collections). The number of collection is stable (40 donations per 1000 population). Due to theexcess of plasma the number of plasmaphereses is decreasing. Production shifts to products with lowerleukocyte contamination. The proportion of plasma used in clinics is relatively high (14 units per 1000population). The number of donors with infectious disease markers is decreasing, probably due to bettereducation. The prevalence of HIV+ remains very low.

Key words:
blood transfusion service, production

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Haematology Internal medicine Clinical oncology
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