External Quality Control of Haemograms in the Czech Republic in1994-2000

Authors: J. Horák;  M. Budina
Authors‘ workplace: Národní kontrolní a referenční laboratoř pro hematologii, Praha SEKK spol. s r. o., Pardubice
Published in: Transfuze Hematol. dnes,, 2001, No. 2, p. 46-57.


Based on an agreement between the Haematological Society of the J. E. Purkyně Medical Associationand SEKK in 1994 nationwide external quality control of haemograms was started. A leading group wasestablished comprising representatives of the professional society, representatives of SEKK, expertlaboratories and the National control and reference laboratory. It was agreed to implement every yearfour cycles of haemogram evaluation, four cycles of evaluation of peripheral blood smears and twocycles of reticulocyte assessment. Every cycle comprised two control samples. Results where bothsamples had the same reading were considered correct. All participants who met the conditions ofattendance were given a certificate on participation, participants who assessed correctly the haemogram were given an additional certificate for every correctly assessed value. The results are summarized in figures and commented. Regular external control of results of laboratory examinations increasesthe trustworthiness of the health system. There are so far no legal provisions in the CR concerningexternal quality control of laboratory examinations.

Key words:
external quality assessment, blood count, reticulocytes estimation, blood smear evaluation

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Haematology Internal medicine Clinical oncology
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