Prescription of Aids for Incontinence

Authors: M. Pokorná
Authors‘ workplace: OP VZP hl. m. Prahy
Published in: Listy rev. Lék., , 2004, č. 1, s. 0


The paper presents the most frequent mistakes in prescription of aids for incontinence in relation to relevantlegislation. The principal part of the paper is devoted to an interesting case of unauthorized prescription of aidsfor incontinence by a physician employed in the home for seniors.

Key words:
tarif of GHIC (subgroup 02-aids for incontinence) – mistakes in prescription – degrees of incontinence– case study – exceeding financial limit – unauthorized prescriptions of aids

Full text is not available online.
If interested in a scan of this journal, contact NTO ČLS JEP.

Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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