Influence of some anesthetics and sedatives on source of sexual hallucination: undervalued forensic risk for doctors

Authors: Jana Kučerová 1;  Petr Kovář 2;  Tomáš Adamus 3
Authors‘ workplace: Gynprenatal s. r. o., Havířov, vedoucí lékař MUDr. Petr Kovář 1;  Katedra chirurgických oborů (gynekologie), LF OU v Ostravě, vedoucí katedry doc. MUDr. Jan Dostalík, CSc. 1,2;  Katedra biomedicínských oborů, LF OU, Ostrava, vedoucí katedry doc. RNDr. Kristian Šafarčík, Ph. D. 3
Published in: Prakt Gyn 2013; 17(1): 74-78
Category: Gynecology and Obstetrics: Review Article


One of the worst allegations for a doctor is accusation of sexual molestation. Hallucination with sexual content can appear when using some common anesthetics and sedatives, they are mostly very vivid and it is very difficult to distinguish them from reality. For judicial proceeding it is afterwards very complicated to recognize, if a real criminal act was committed or it is only a false accusation.

We are pointing at some risks in the cause of sexual hallucinations and dreams under anesthesia and sedation and suggesting some arrangement against accusations.

We are drawing on still published literature on this problem.

Cases of sexual assault are for the media attractive and they can bring serious consequences for the job, career and family. Despite a proof of innocence, the reputation of the doctor and the medical stuff may suffer. That is why it is important to realize this problem and make steps to reduce any possible risks.

Key words:
anesthetics – forensic proceeding – protective arrangements – sedatives – sexual hallucination


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Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine

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Practical Gynecology

Issue 1

2013 Issue 1

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