Effect of corticosteroid administration on doppler velocimetry and fetus

Authors: MUDr. Tomáš Burnog;  CSc. 1;  MUDr. Zuzana Dostálová 2;  Dr. med. J. Hermsdorf 1
Authors‘ workplace: Gynäkologie/Geburtshilfe Kreiskrankenhaus Thüringen, Německo 1;  Gynekologicko-porodnická klinika FN Brno 2
Published in: Prakt Gyn 2006; 10(2): 54-56


For the induction of fetal lung maturation they are in the most clinical departements the corticoids betametasone and dexamtasone used. We evaluated the changes after their application. We detected the reduction of resistence in the Doppler velocimetry, the changes in the incidence of suspect or pathologic reports in cardiotocography (CTG) and changes in the biophysical profile scores. These changes are full reversible.

Key words:
betamethazone – dexamethazone – doppler velocimetry – induction of maturation of lung tissue – cardiotocography


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Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine
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