Surgical Treatment Method of Calcaneal Intraarticular Fractures

Authors: V. Rak;  P. Buček;  D. Ira;  M. Mašek
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika úrazové chirurgie FN Brno, přednosta kliniky doc. MUDr. M. Mašek, CSc.
Published in: Rozhl. Chir., 2006, roč. 85, č. 6, s. 311-317.
Category: Monothematic special - Original


Open repositioning and internal fixation of intraarticular calcaneal fractures has become a standard surgical method, however, concerns over its feared complications, including, in particular, secondary wound healing followed by osteomyelitis, continue fo be discussed. The aim of this study is to inform the surgical public about the surgical method.

From February 2004 to September 2005, 26 intraarticular calcaneal fractures in 22 patients were operated using open repositioning

and internal cast fixation. In four cases, the fracture was bilateral. The patients were indicated for the procedure based on the Sanders CT classification. The procedure included extensive L-shaped lateral approach (Seattle), anaemization, minimization of soft tissue disruption, and was followed by spongioplasty. In isolated dislocated sustentacular fractures, osteosynthesis through a medial approach was completed, using screws. Post-operatively, the extremity was not fixated and early rehabilitation was initiated.

In majority of the operated patients, the skin cover healed per primam. In 3 patients, the wound healed per secundam intentionem. Complete fracture healing was x-ray confirmed in all patients. No signs of the osteosynthetic material release or of pronounced signs of subtalar arthrosis or of a foot arch collapse were present. No deep defects or other serious postoperative complications were recorded. The follow-up period lasted for 6-22 months and goes on. The patients followed for over a year period have no symptoms, they fully wightbear the operated extremity and they have returned to their original professions.

Open repositioning and internal stable cast fixation is recommended as a standard treatment method in these fractures.

Key words:
intraarticular calcaneal fractures – calcaneal cast – osteosynthesis

Surgery Orthopaedics Trauma surgery
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