Lymphatic Malformations of Head and Neck in Children- 10-year Follow-up Results

Authors: M. Majerčíková 1;  R. Staník 1;  D. Poruban 2,3;  I. Šebová 1
Authors‘ workplace: Detská otorinolaryngologická klinika LF UK a NÚDCH, Bratislava 1;  Klinika stomatológie a maxilofaciálnej chirurgie LF UK a OÚSA, Bratislava 2;  Ambulancia zubného lekárstva - StomEst s. r. o, Bratislava 3
Published in: Otorinolaryngol Foniatr, 68, 2019, No. 1, pp. 4-10.
Category: Original Article


Introduction: The paper presents results of a 10-year follow-up of pediatric patients with lymphatic malformations (LM) in the region of head and neck.

Methods: In this study, we retrospectively evaluated 23 patients diagnosed with LM in head and neck region on Pediatric ENT Department, Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University Bratislava between years 2005-2016 with focus on epidemiological data, clinical presentation, anatomical localization of LM, therapeutic process, result achieved and postoperative complications.

Results: Majority of LM were first presented as asymptomatic mass in the head and neck region before the age of two years, most frequently located in submandibular and laterocervical region. The paper confirmed the well-known fact that total removal of LM is not achieved after the initial treatment in the majority of cases, whether by surgical resection or sclerotherapy. For complete removal of lesion, repeated treatment options or a combination of surgical treatment and application of sclerosing agents are often required. It is recognized that macrocytic LM responds to treatment better than microcytic and mixed LM as well the fact, that with the higher stage of lesion by de Serres the worst results are achieved by the therapy. The most common postoperative complication was the temporary paresis of marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve.

Conclusion: Management of patients with LM remains a major challenge for otorhinolaryngologists and remains individual based on many factors, such as clinical manifestations of LM, growth rate, type and extent of lesion, anatomical localization and possibility of deformity or dysfunction.


surgery – complications – lymphatic malformations – head and neck region – sclerotherapy


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Audiology Paediatric ENT ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
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