Nanoparticles, Nanotoxicology, Nanomedicine: Definition of Terms, Perspectives in Otorhinolaryngology

Authors: L. Čábalová 1,2;  P. Komínek 1,2;  K. Zeleník 1,2;  J. Kukutschová 3;  L. Čabanová 3
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika otorinolaryngologie a chirurgie hlavy a krku, Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava, přednosta prof. MUDr. P. Komínek, Ph. D., MBA 1;  Katedra kraniofaciálních oborů, Lékařské fakulta, Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě, přednosta prof. MUDr. P. Komínek, Ph. D., MBA 2;  Centrum nanotechnologií, Vysoká škola báňská – Technická univerzita Ostrava 3
Published in: Otorinolaryng. a Foniat. /Prague/, 65, 2016, No. 3, pp. 179-183.
Category: Review Article


Nanoparticles are particles smaller than 100 nm in diameter. They are a subject of research interest of two related, closely collaborating scientific disciplines – nanotoxicology and nanotechnology. Nanoparticles are ubiquitous in environment and due to their very small sizes, they possess different properties than the microparticles of the same material (chemical and physical reactivity, interaction with living cells and organisms). Nanotoxicology studies their toxic effect in vitro and in vivo. Nanotechnology develops materials with new properties and functions based on the small size of nanoparticles. Nanomedicine combines new knowledge of nanotechnology and pharmacology to develop new medicaments and therapeutic procedures. The authors summarize current knowledge on nanoparticle properties, their effect on respiratory tract and possible use of nanotechnology in otorhinolaryngology in the article.

nanoparticles, nanotoxicology, nanotechnology, nanomedicine


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