Changes Levels of Severe Th1, Th2 and Treg Cytokines in Blood Serum of Chronic Infection (incl. H. pylori) in Oropharynx Followed the EPA and DHA Intake and/or Tonsillectomy – a Pilot Study

Authors: J. Astl 1,2;  E. Nártová 4;  J. Rotnágl 1;  T. Filipovský 1;  J. Betka jr. 2;  M. Chovanec 2,4;  O. Šušoliaková 3;  I. Šterzl 3
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika otorinolaryngologie a maxilofaciální chirurgie 3. LF UK a ÚVN Praha, přednosta prof. MUDr. J. Astl, CSc. 1;  Klinika otorinolaryngologie a chirurgie hlavy a krku 1. LF UK a FN Motol, Praha, přednosta prof. MUDr. J. Betka, DrSc. 2;  Endokrinologický ústav Praha, ředitelka doc. RNDr. B. Bendlová, CSc. 3;  Klinika otorinolaryngologie 3. LF UK a FN Královské Vinohrady, Praha, přednosta MUDr. M. Chovanec, Ph. D. 4
Published in: Otorinolaryng. a Foniat. /Prague/, 65, 2016, No. 3, pp. 163-167.
Category: Original Papers


The effect of eikospentan acid (EPA) and dokosahexan acid (DHA) on immune reactions was very intensely studied. The aim of this study was to clarify the impact of chronic Helicobacter pylori infection and EPA and DHA levels on Th1 cytokines (IL-2, IL12-p70, INF-g), Th2 cytokines (IL-4, IL-6) and T reg cytokines (IL-10, TGF-b1) in patient after tonsillectomy.

Materials and methods:
Patients were sorted into three main groups and one control group. Sampling was performed before the start of surgery or before the start of EPA and DHA administration. The second sampling was performed after 15 weeks in all main groups. The daily dosage of 540 mg of EPA and 360 mg of DHA was divides into three doses . The cytokines were analysed from the blood plasma. The concentation of the cytokines was quantified by Quantibody Custom Array. Statistical analysis was performed by using StatGraphics programme – multifactorial analysis ANOVA.

Statistically significant result was obtained in cytokine IL12-p70 in both measurements. In first sampling (2012) was the significance p=0.04 among the individual groups. In the second sampling the significance was p=0.01 in the phase before and after preparate administration. Dependence on IL-6 was prooved after the perparate admonistration (correlative coeficient 0.48), on IL-4 was dependence little bit higher (correlative coeficient 0.77).

Cytokine IL12-p70 seems to be the main regulatory cytokine, thus it is possible to think about Th1 and NK cells stimulation.

acid, docosahexanoic acid, interleukins, chronic tonsillitis, cytokines


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Audiology Paediatric ENT ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
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