Quincke’s Edema

Authors: S. Kutáčová;  P. Komínek
Authors‘ workplace: ORL oddělení Nemocnice ve Frýdku Místku, primář MUDr. P. Komínek, Ph. D.
Published in: Otorinolaryng. a Foniat. /Prague/, , 2004, No. 4, pp. 222-225.


Quincke’s edema is a non-inflammatory, relapsing edema of subcutaneous andsumucous tissue, most frequently in the area of face, lips and tongue. The edema is usually notdangerous for the patient, and the risk is due to the development of larynx edema and obstructionof respiratory passages. Etiology is mostly impossible to determine. The contribution describes thecase history of a 76-year female patient with 20 years of recurrent edema and urticaria episodes.

Key words:
Quincke’s edema, obstruction of respiratory pathways, etiology, therapy.

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Audiology Paediatric ENT ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
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