Extramedullary Plasmocytoma of the Upper Respiratory Tract

Authors: J. Veselý;  Z. Kinkor *;  K. Benková *
Authors‘ workplace: ORL oddělení, FN Praha - Bulovka, primář MUDr. J. Veselý Oddělení patologické anatomie, FN Praha - Bulovka, primář MUDr. Z. Kinkor *
Published in: Otorinolaryngol Foniatr, , 1998, No. 4, pp. 225-227.


A primary extramedullary plasmocytoma of the upper respiratory tract is a rare neoplasm with an incidence of 1 %. The clinical features depend on localization. The clinical features, the method of diagnosis, response to treatment of three cases with different localization were analyzed. For diagnosis immunohistological and serological investigations are necessary. The method of treatment is determined by complete staging.

Key words:
multiple myeloma, extramedullary plasmocytoma, immunohistology.

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Audiology Paediatric ENT ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
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