Problems of Pharmacists and Health Insurance Companies in the Czechoslovak Republici n 1 9 1 8 – 1 9 2 8

Authors: M. Lisá
Published in: Reviz. posud. Lék., , 2000, č. 3, s. 48-50


The mentioned issues between pharmacists and health insurance companies were very acute in 1918-1928. In particular onthe part of pharmacists they involved incorrect dispatching of prescribed drugs as regards quality or quantity of the activesubstances or the total therapeutic preparation, sometimes also dispatching of othe r commodities than drugs. The healthinsurance companies criticized poor payment morale (asking for reductions of monthly bills), unwillingness to adapt prices ofdrugs and laboratory work to rising prices, and incorrect management of entrusted funds.

Key words:
health insurance companies - retaxator

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Medical assessment Occupational medicine

Article was published in

Medical Revision

2000 Issue 3

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