Treatment of liver failure caused by Wilson´s disease

Authors: H. Petrášková;  F. Novák;  R. Humlová;  R. Brůha
Authors‘ workplace: IV. interní klinika – klinika gastroenterologie a hepatologie, VFN a 1. LF UK v Praze
Published in: Gastroent Hepatol 2011; 65(4): 220-223
Category: Hepatology: Case Report


The treatment of liver failure in a patient with acute manifestation of Wilson´s disease is described in the case report. Twenty-three-year-old female patient was admitted with the decompensation of liver cirrhosis (originally of unknown aetiology) with the sings of liver failure (Child-Pugh C, 12 points). The suspicion to Wilson´s disease was based on a history of the patient and high copper in urine. The diagnosis was confirmed by liver biopsy and subsequently by genetic examination. As the patient was obese with BMI 60, the consideration of liver transplantation was precluded. The patient was stabilized and liver function improved on maximal conservative treatment with concomitant treatment with chelating agents. The first choice penicillamine had to be exchanged for trientine due to allergy reaction and bone marrow suppression. 18 months after treatment initiation the patients is well, completely compensated with Child-Pugh A classification (5 points).

Key words:
cirrhosis – liver failure – penicillamine – trientine – Wilson´s disease


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Paediatric gastroenterology Gastroenterology and hepatology Surgery

Article was published in

Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Issue 4

2011 Issue 4

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