Dermoepidermal grafts in the treatment of chronic diabetic foot defects: a case report

Authors: Ľubomír Strelka 1;  Edward Huľo 1;  Martin Vojtko 1;  Emil Martinka 2;  Dušan Mištuna 1
Authors‘ workplace: 1. chirurgická klinika Jesseniovej lekárskej fakulty Univerzity Komenského a Univerzitná nemocnica Martin, prednosta doc. MUDr. Dušan Mištuna, PhD., mim. prof. 1;  Diabetologické oddelenie, Národný endokrinologický a diabetologický ústav, Ľubochňa, primár doc. MUDr. Emil Martinka, PhD. 2
Published in: Forum Diab 2013; 2(2): 98-101


Due to constantly increasing number of diabetics, incidence of chronic non-healing defects is increasing, which impair quality of life of the patients and bring considerable financial cost to their treatment. We focused on the use of autologous dermoepidermal grafts in the treatment of chronic diabetic defects. In the period of three years we have applied this method in 28 patients with chronic diabetic defect. With this case report we would like to point out the simplicity, financial efficiency of this method and to reveal its contraindications and disadvantages.

Key words:
dermoepidermal skin grafts – diabetic foot – chronical wound – simplicity and low cost – transplatation of autolog skin grafts


1. Zgonis T. Surgical Rekonstruction of The Diabetic Foot and Ancle. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: Philadelphia 2009. ISBN 978–0-7817–8158–0.

2. Lamont PM, Ashrafi MW. Pinch skin grafting – the forgotten aid in wound healing’– ten year experience in a rural hospital. Journal of surgery 2007; 77(Suppl 1): A101 (abstr. VS17P).

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Diabetology Endocrinology Internal medicine
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