Experience with Diagnostics of Lymphoproliferative Diseases in BoneMarrow Biopsies

Authors: M. Tichý;  J. Dušek;  V. Tichá;  Z. Kolář;  R. Koďousek;  V. Jezdínská;  M. Dušková;  L. Kučerová;  J. Mačák;  T. Tichý
Authors‘ workplace: Ústav patologie LF UP a FN, Olomouc
Published in: Čes.-slov. Patol., , 2003, No. 3, p. 115-119


The cytological, histological and immunophenotypical markers of lymphoproliferative diseasesare evaluated in the collection of 950 trepanobiopsies, and correlated with types of extramedullarymalignant lymphoma. The diagnostic significance of tumor infiltrates topography and basicrules of the differential diagnoses of malignant lymphomas in the bone marrow biopsies arediscussed.

Key words:
malignant lymphoma – bone marrow

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Anatomical pathology Forensic medical examiner Toxicology
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