Acute myocarditis in adolescents

Authors: S. Mlynárová 1;  S. Polanská 1;  J. Pavlíček 1,2;  P. Hanzlíková 2,3;  P. Širůček 2,4;  T. Gruszka 1,2;  M. Hladík 1,2
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika dětského lékařství, Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava 1;  Lékařská fakulta, Ostravská univerzita, Ostrava 2;  Ústav radiodiagnostický, Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava 3;  Klinika infekčního lékařství, Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava 4
Published in: Čes-slov Pediat 2021; 76 (1): 18-27.
Category: Original Papers


Acute myocarditis is a potentially serious disease. The course is very variable, the most common etiology is viral. The authors present three cases of acute myocarditis that occurred in adolescent boys in a short period. The common symptomatology was chest pain, higher levels of troponin were detected in all of them, and all had a positive MRI finding. In two cases, significant Coxsackievirus titers were demonstrated serologically and in one, primary infection with Epstein-Barr virus was confirmed. The clinical course was without complications, for non-altered heart function we assume a good prognosis in all patients. Lifelong monitoring is recommended.


infection – magnetic resonance imaging – myocarditis – Troponin


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