Treatment with biological drugs in special situations (pregnancy, lactation, vaccination and surgery)

Authors: P. Němec
Authors‘ workplace: Revmatologická ambulance, II. interní klinika, FN u sv. Anny v Brně a Lékařská fakulta Masarykovy univerzity, Brno
Published in: Čes. Revmatol., 19, 2011, No. 2, p. 95-100.
Category: Posts from Congress


With the growing number of patients treated with biological drugs an increasing number of circumstances occur that have to be dealt with, such as pregnancy, lactation, vaccination or surgical procedure. This article analyzes current available information and gives recommendations how to proceed in these special situations. The text adds some new and more detailed information to recently published Recommendations of the Czech Society of Rheumatology on safety of biological treatment.

Key words:
safety, biological treatment, pregnancy, surgical procedure, vaccination, breast-feeding.


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