Subcutaneous treatment for common variable immunodeficiency in pregnant women

Published in: Ceska Gynekol 2010; 75(2): 159
Category: Letters to the Editor


1. Kurecová, B., Janků, P., Litzman, J. Common variable immunodeficiency in pregnancy (set of case reports). Ces Gynek 2009;74(3):197-201.

2. Gustafson, R., Gardulf, A., Hansen, S., et al. Rapid subcutaneous immunoglobulin administration every second week results in high and stable serum immunoglobulin G levels in patients with primary antibody deficiencies. Clin Exp Immunol 2008;152(2):274-279.

3. Berger, M., Cupps, TR., Fauci, AS. High-dose immunoglobulin replacement therapy by slow subcutaneous infusion during pregnancy. JAMA1982;247(20):2824-2825.

4. Gardulf, A., Andersson, E., Lindqvist, M., Hansen, S., Gustafson, R. Rapid subcutaneous IgG replacement therapy at home for pregnant immunodeficient women. J Clin Immunol 2001;21:150-154.

Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine

Article was published in

Czech Gynaecology

Issue 2

2010 Issue 2

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