Immune, Inflammatory and Hormonal Changes in Connection with Laparoscopic Surgery

Authors: Z. Holub
Authors‘ workplace: Gynekologicko-porodnické oddělení, Regionální nemocnice Kladno, primář doc. MUDr. Z. Holub, CSc.
Published in: Čes. Gynek.2005, 70, č. 3 s. 216-219
Category: Original Article


Analysis of the issue of laparoscopy on the intra and post-operative immune changes.

Review article.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Regional Hospital Kladno.

Subject and Method:
Review of published facts with regard to impact laparoscopic surgery on immune function.

The impact of surgery on the intra and post-operative immune, hormonal and inflammatory response is significantly less after laparoscopy than with an open approach.

Key words:
laparoscopy, immune system, CRP, cytokines, gynecologic surgery

Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine

Article was published in

Czech Gynaecology

Issue 3

2005 Issue 3

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