The Days of Memory – how to get an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Authors: M. Mátlová;  A. Bartoš;  I. Holmerová
Authors‘ workplace: Gerontologické centrum v Praze 8, Praha 1;  AD Centrum, Psychiatrické centrum Praha 2
Published in: Čes Ger Rev 2009; 7(3-4): 157-160


The purpose of this article is to present project of the Czech Alzheimer Society aiming at early diagnosis of dementia. More than 2000 people have undergone a memory examination since June 2008; more than 40% of them were recommended to visit a specialist. Majority of the examined people signed an informed consent with using data from their examinations for scientific purpose. The project is therefore a very important source of gerontological data.

dementia – early diagnosis – patients‘ organizations


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