Social care benefits for seniors with dementia syndrome

Authors: M. Hermanová
Authors‘ workplace: Vzdělávací agentura CURATIO® ;  BrnoKlinik Pirawarth, Bad Pirawarth, Rakousko
Published in: Čes Ger Rev 2009; 7(3-4): 139-143


Law number 108/2008 Sb., about social services is covering conditions of offering support for individuals in unfavorable social situations through the medium of social services and care contributions. The risks and difficulties of appraisal of senior’s health state with dementia syndrome for purposes of social services, thus acquiring care contributions, could be for now only supposed. It is a new system of social security, with which is necessary to operate creatively. During June 2007 we conducted questionnaire investigation on 1 439 clients of housing facilities of social services, whose aim was to learn, if seniors division into groups according to the level of their dependence is corresponding with their real state of health and functional state. We discovered urgent need to revaluate existing work methodology of assessment physicians when determining the height of care contribution for seniors with dementia syndrome or with aphrenia.

Key words:
care benefits – seniors with dementia syndrome – dementia – social services act


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