Retrospective Clinical Study of 64 AvulsedPermanent Teeth in Children

Authors: V. Merglová;  V. Tzigkounakis
Authors‘ workplace: Stomatologická klinika LF UK a FN, Plzeň, přednosta doc. MUDr. A. Zicha, CSc.
Published in: Česká stomatologie / Praktické zubní lékařství, ročník , 2004, 3, s. 89-98


Traumatic knocking out of teeth from the socket belongs to the most serious typesof tooth injuries in children. Frequent consequence of this injury is the loss of permanent toothor several teeth with the unfavourable effect for the further development of orofacial system.The aim of our retrospective study was to analyze a group of 64 avulsed permanent teeth in 38children, which we treated in Dentistry Department of Faculty Hospital in Pilsen, in the periodbetween 1995–2002. More specifically we were concentrated on the most frequent causes ofavulsion of permanent teeth and on the treatment method. The most frequent cause ofpermanent teeth avulsion were falls from bicycles and falls during walking and running (in74 % of cases). From 64 avulsed teeth, only 20 teeth were replanted (31 %). Forty four teeth(69 %) could not be replanted because they were not at our disposal. It was quite uncommonthat we did not replant the teeth because of other reasons. Most of the avulsed teeth werereplanted relatively long time after the injury and they were transported for treatment in animproper medium. This information proves that family, teachers and sport trainers haveinsufficient knowledge about providing first aid in cases of avulsed permanent teeth. In our group of teeth we have as well followed the way of healing process of the replanted teeth.Inflammatory resorption of root or replacement resorption was noticed in 65% of the replantedteeth. Six teeth (35 %) had to be extracted after establishing advanced resorption of the root.

Key words:
permanent tooth – avulsion – replantation – endodontic treatment – superficialresorption – inflammatory resorption – replacement resorption

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Maxillofacial surgery Orthodontics Dental medicine
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