Historic Review of Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity

Authors: Z. Zapletalová
Authors‘ workplace: I. stomatologická klinika FN a LF UP, Olomouc, přednostka kliniky doc. MUDr. J. Stejskalová, CSc.
Published in: Česká stomatologie / Praktické zubní lékařství, ročník , 2002, 6, s. 191-198


The history of treatment of dentin hypersensitivity described as sensitiveness ofuncovered dentin to external stimuli is long and reach. Initial treatment of toothache wasempiric and based on magical and religious habits. Rational methods in the treatment ofsensitive dentin could be developed only after the understanding of dentin morfology andphysiology of dentinal pain in the 19th century. The work summarizes the most frequently usedmethods in the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity refered in stomatological literature duringthe last 150 years. The list of authors that significantly contributed to the development ofknowledge in the field of dentin hypersensitivity and its treatment is also included.

Key words:
dentin hypersensitivity – dentinal pain – dentinal tubulus – hydrodynamictheory – history of treatment

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Maxillofacial surgery Orthodontics Dental medicine
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