Moclobemide in the Therapy of ErectionDysfunctions

Authors: M. Kolomazník 1;  J. Kolomazník 2;  M. Richterová 3
Authors‘ workplace: Soukromá sexuologická a psychiatrická ambulance, Plzeň1Psychiatrické oddělení a sexuologická ambulance, Pardubice2 Psychiatrická léčebna Havlíčkův Brod 3
Published in: Čes. a slov. Psychiat., , 2004, No. 4, pp. 191-196.


In the study, 109 patients suffering from erectile dysfunction who were treated for 1–18 monthsby moclobemid with a daily dose of 150–600 mg are kathamnestically evaluated. Their averageage was 49 y. (21–71 y.). The results of this treatment were always evaluated one month afterthe preparation had been given, namely according to the ability of reaching the same level oferection as before the inception of erectile dysfunction. The results is either „adjusted“ or „notadjusted“ (i. e. the patient did/did not reach the level of erection as before the inception of erectiledysfunction. 61% of the group (N=109) have been adjusted. A mostly psychogenically conditionederectile dysfunction was found in 60% of patients (N=65), a mostly organically conditioned onein 40% (N=44). The infl uence of patients’ age on the length and result of treatment has turnedout to be statistically insignifi cant. In mostly psychogenically conditioned erectile dysfunctionslasting 1–4 years, 74% of patients (N=40) were adjusted and also 55% (N=6) of those lasting 5–18years. In mostly organically conditioned erectile dysfunctions lasting 1–4 years 58% (N=21) wereadjusted and 42% (N=15) were without effect. In mostly organically conditioned ones lasting 5–18years no patient has been adjusted (N=8). If the treatment by moclobemid is successful, 90% ofthese patients are adjusted in two months. Combination of moclobemid and yohimbine in thewatched group did not appear to be more successful than moclobemid monotherapy. That resultsin the moclobemid treatment in erectile dysfunctions being indicated in: Psychogenical etiologyof the diffi culties, duration up to 4 years (even in case of organic etiology). It is recommendedfor the treatment of unadjusted dysfunctions to continue if there are any signs of success of thetreatment in two months from the beginning of therapy.

Key words:
moclobemid, erectile dysfunctions.

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Addictology Paediatric psychiatry Psychiatry
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