Interactive Powder Mixtures

Authors: Z. Zatloukal
Authors‘ workplace: Katedra farmaceutické technologie Farmaceutické fakulty Univerzity Karlovy, Hradec Králové
Published in: Čes. slov. Farm., 2004; , 165-171


Linking up with the statistical aspects of dosing the active ingredient in the randompowdermixture,the properties of non-random mixtures of micronized active ingredients with auxiliary substancesof the particle size larger by an order are summed up. The review of literature aims to report theconditions of the development of interactive mixtures, possible more precise dosing of small amountsof active ingredients, and limitation of the risk of ordered unit segregation. From the technologicalstandpoint, interactive mixtures are relevant primarily for direct compression of tablets and dosingof the micronized active ingredient in dry powder inhalers.From the theoretical standpoint, the dataconcerning a temporary increase in the solubility of some active ingredients after the developmentof an amorphous surface during long-term mixing of interactive powder mixtures are of interest.

Key words:
powders – interactive mixture – homogeneity – ordered unit segregation –dry powder inhalers

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Pharmacy Clinical pharmacology
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