Optic Disc Drusen – Current Diagnostic Possibilities

Authors: P. Žiak;  K. Jarabáková;  M. Koyšová
Authors‘ workplace: Očná klinika JLF UK a UN Martin, prednosta ;  MUDr. Peter Žiak, PhD.
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., 70, 2014, No. 1, p. 30-35
Category: Case Report


Authors present the findings of two patients with optic nerve drusen, and an overview of current examination techniques in the diagnostics of optic nerve drusen including ultrasound examination, fundus photography, florescein angiography, computerized perimetry, auto-florescence fundus examination, examination of the nerve fibre layer using optical coherence tomography (OCT) or nerve fibres layer analyzer (GDx). In the first case, the patient was recommended to be supervised without any therapy. The second patient with regard to perimeter finding, loss of nerve fibre layer and increase of the intraocular pressure was prescribed local anti-glaucoma therapy.

Key words:
drusae papillae nervi optici, optic disc drusen


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