Clinical Variability of Best’s Disease

Authors: T. Streicher;  J. Špirková;  M. Tichá
Authors‘ workplace: Očné oddelenie NsP, Bojnice primárka MUDr. Ida Simonidesová
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., 68, 2012, No. 5, p. 189-194
Category: Original Article


Retrospective view of the various phenotypes 20 persons affected by classic solitary form of vitelliform macular dystrophy, in 3 pedigrees with autosomal dominant transmission and in 4 single cases. Long-term monitoring allows to observe the variability of expression, from classic course to peculiarity of the clinical expression in the disc development and their corresponding functions of the central retina.

Key words:
solitary vitelliform macular dystrophy, variability of phenotypic expression, diagnostic


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