Glaucoma, Colour Vision and Visual Field

Authors: Š. Skorkovská;  J. Kočí;  S. Synek
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika nemocí očních a optometrie Fakultní nemocnice U sv. Anny, Brno
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., , 2000, No. 4, p. 251-257


The authors investigated changes of the visual field and colour vision in patientswith open-angle glaucoma. These visual functions were examined also in a controlgroup of healthy subjects of similar age. For examination of the visual field theauthors use the statistical programme of the Tübingen perimeter, and colourvision was assessed using Lanthony s Panel D-15. The statistical parameters ofthe visual field (MS, MD, LV) in the group of eyes with open-angle glaucoma andin the control group did not differ significantly. A significant difference betweengroups was found only in the oldest age group. The acquired defects of colourvision were in the group with open-angle glaucoma significantly higher than inthe control group and the highest number of acquired defects was found again inthe oldest age group. In particular defects in the blue-yellow area were obser-ved.Statistical analysis of the relation between changes of the visual field anddefects of the colour vision did not reveal a significant correlation of these visualfunctions in the group of eyes with open-angle glaucoma. Important factors in theevaluation of the visual field and colour vision of patients with open-angleglaucoma are the age of the investigated subjects, repeated tests of visual functionsand long-term follow up.

Key words:
open-angle glaucoma, visual field, colour vision, age

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