Immunotherapy of Bronchogenic Carcinoma and Its Perspectives

Authors: L. Koubková
Authors‘ workplace: Pneumologická klinika 2. LF UK a FN v Motole, Praha
Published in: Klin Onkol 2015; 28(Supplementum 4): 77-81
Category: Specials
doi: 10.14735/amko20154S77


Immunotherapy is becoming another possible alternative in the treatment of lung cancer. It is a completely different method of treating cancer which is not directed to the tumor itself, but to the immune system. Surface antigens present on tumor cells may be an effective and specific therapeutic targets and strategies based on antibodies inhibiting immune check-points significantly improves the anti‑tumor immune response. Monoclonal antibody blocking CTLA‑ 4 (cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen) and PD‑ 1 receptor (protein programmed cell death) and its ligand PD‑ L1 showed clinical efficacy and nivolumab (anti‑PD‑ 1) was approved in 2nd line treatment squamous non‑small cell lung cancer.

Key words:
bronchogenic carcinoma –  vaccines –  immune checkpoints

The author declares she has no potential conflicts of interest concerning drugs, products, or services used in the study.

The Editorial Board declares that the manuscript met the ICMJE recommendation for biomedical papers.

27. 7. 2015

23. 10. 2015


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Paediatric clinical oncology Surgery Clinical oncology

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Clinical Oncology

Issue Supplementum 4

2015 Issue Supplementum 4

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