Very Small Breast Cancer, HER2 Positive, and Trastuzumab in Adjuvant Treatment

Authors: R. Vyzula
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika komplexní onkologické péče, Masarykův onkologický ústav, Brno
Published in: Klin Onkol 2010; 23(1): 21-24
Category: Reviews


Breast cancer patients with a tumor size of ≤ 1 cm are still rare but their number is increasing as a consequence of mammary screening. It is logical that the best adjuvant treatment in such cancers is often discussed with respect to the risk of relapse of the disease. The number of patients in clinical trials with very small breast cancer is quite low, and a specific clinical trial for such patients is not planned. Retrospective analysis of some clinical trials which included patients with breast cancer and with very small size shows the worse prognosis of patients with HER2 positive tumors. Indirectly, we can assume the application of adjuvant treatment with trastuzumab in such very small breast cancer. However, the decision should be individual with regards to further risk factors for the disease and risk of the treatment itself. This article is more a contemplation in order to provoke discussion on this provocative subject.

Key words:
breast cancer – very small tumors – trastuzumab – adjuvant treatment


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Paediatric clinical oncology Surgery Clinical oncology
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