The permissible limits for intermediate precision in control charts

Authors: J. Ambrožová
Authors‘ workplace: Oddělení klinické biochemie Nemocnice Prachatice, a. s.
Published in: Klin. Biochem. Metab., 23 (44), 2015, No. 3, p. 109-115


Presentation an advanced method for deriving correct permissible precision limits which are required for the correct use of control charts, and for the effective internal quality control management (IQC) in a laboratory practice.

The 3-signal table application designed by Haeckel and Wosniok [1], which provides appropriate means to calculate the correct permissible precision limits (pCVA) from the empirical biological variability (CVE), based on reference intervals (RIs); the subsequent proper use of pCVA in the control charts.

Potential uses of the 3-signal table [1].

Warning against an improper use of the control charts; the correct method for deriving the permissible intermediate precision limits as the key ingredient for setting up effective control charts, which are a prerequisite for an objective classification of different laboratory methods according to their real quality.

permissible precision limits, quality classes, reference limits, control charts.


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