The use of the under pressure therapy in the vascular surgery – a case report

Authors: Pavel Gladiš;  Robert Staffa;  Martin Dvořák;  Miroslav Krejčí;  Tomáš Novotný
Authors‘ workplace: Centrum cévních onemocnění, II. chirurgická klinika, LF MU a FN u sv. Anny v Brně
Published in: Hojení ran 7, č. 3: 7-9, 2013
Category: Under pressure therapy


The use of negative pressure wound therapy in vascular surgery is a very advantageous approach for treatment of wounds of lower extremities after vascular reconstructive procedures. These wounds are the result of ischemia occurring after arterial closure caused by atherosclerosis or arterial injury. We present a case of 34-year-old patient, who suffered a popliteal artery rupture caused by knee dislocation during trampoline jumping. Vascular procedure was followed by extensive four-compartment fasciotomies of the right lower leg. We have used negative pressure wound therapy for treatment of these wounds.

Key words:
popliteal artery injury, vascular reconstruction, fasciotomy, negative pressure wound therapy


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