Quality evaluation of provided medical services as viewed by the insured individual and a revision physician

Authors: H. Dolanský
Authors‘ workplace: Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna, Ostrava
Published in: Listy rev. Lék., 14, 2010, č. 2, s. 16-22


The results of sociological search by means of structured questionnaires evaluating the quality of spa services provided to insured individuals during completed balneotherapy are described. The level of satisfaction with the care provide by the specialist medical personnel as well as the spa services, the therapeutic procedures, accommodation, catering, organized cultural events and the spa environment is followed. Moreover, ideas of the insured individuals (policyholders) about the level of financial compensation of the provide spa care from the public medical insurance funds are described. For the revision physician practice the search provides the possibility to use the results as a form to follow and evaluate the quality and safety in public health service, associated closely with the problems in evaluating the quality of life of the policyholders.

Key words:
sociological search – policyholder-patient – quality of services – revision physician – evaluation of quality of safety in public health service – quality of life


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Hygiene and epidemiology Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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