Impact of the Entrance to the EU on the Work in the Sector of Health Care of the Health InsuranceCompany

Authors: J. Žmolíková
Authors‘ workplace: OP VZP hl. m. Prahy
Published in: Listy rev. Lék., , 2004, č. 4, s. 0


Newactivities of revisionmedical officer related to the entrance to theEU– audit of documents of the care providedto the EU citizens in our health care facilities, inquiries for authorized height of payments (form E126) both fromEU countries for their clients treated for the direct payment in the CR and from our clients treated for the directpayment in EU countries and finally claims of our clients for reimbursement of the required care in the EU.

Key words:
health care provided to EU citizens – required care (form E112) – inquiries for rates of reimbursementsfor provided care (form E126) – health insurance companies

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Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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