Biologic Treatment in Rheumatology

Authors: K. Šírová
Authors‘ workplace: Revmatologická ambulance, Ostrava
Published in: Listy rev. Lék., , 2004, č. 4, s. 0


Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious disease which affects not only joints but also organs important for life. It isa disease which shortens the lenghth of life of patients in an important way. The treatment of rheumatoid arthitisis still not causal but only symptomatic. The goal of pharmacologists, rheumatologists and other researchers isto reach target cells of inflammation. The key inflammatory markers in RA are TNFalfa and IL-1. Currently, thereare three remedies available which block the effect of TNFalfa. It is quite an expensive treatment which, however,improves significantly the life and motor functions, work ability and selfcare. Thus, the economic burden isbalanced.

Key words:
treatment of rheumatoid arthitis – cells of inflammation – inflammatory markers – improvement of liveand motor functios

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Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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