Issues of the Locomotor System Injuries Among Golf Players

Authors: S. Lagatorová;  D. Pánek;  D. Pavlů
Authors‘ workplace: Katedra fyzioterapie, Fakulta tělesné výchovy a sportu UK, Praha vedoucí katedry doc. PaedDr. D. Pavlů, CSc.
Published in: Rehabil. fyz. Lék., 20, 2013, No. 1, pp. 22-27.
Category: Original Papers


This research looks at health issues and injuries affecting the motion apparatus of professional and amateur golfers. Significant differences have been observed between the groups in terms of both the mechanics and localization of injuries. Golfers suffer most frequently from lumbar spine issues, and other problems include the areas of the shoulder girdle, the elbow, wrist and hand, vertebral compression fractures and rib stress fractures. The most important preventive measure to avoid risk of injury is the drill practice of the right swing and sufficient warm-up before the practice session and the game.

low back pain, golf injuries, golf swing biomechanics, prevention


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Physiotherapist, university degree Rehabilitation Sports medicine
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