Contribution to the Objectivization of the„Methodof Sensomotor Stimulation according to Janda and Vávrová“with Regard to „Evidence-based Practice

Authors: D. Pavlů;  K. Novosádová
Authors‘ workplace: Univerzita Karlova, FTVS, katedra fyzioterapie, Praha ;  vedoucí katedry: doc. MUDr. Miroslav Tichý, CSc.
Published in: Rehabil. fyz. Lék., , 2001, No. 4, pp. 178-181.


In a group of patients after surgical replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament w ithin the frameworkof the classical physiotherapeutic programme in addition elements from the „Method of sensomotorstimulation“ were applied. The effect of treatment was compared with a group of patients who weresubjected to the same operation and underwent only the usual (classical) physiotherapeuticprogramme. The therapeutic programme enriched by elements of the „Method of sensomotorstimulation“ led in the experimental group to statistically significant improvement of the femoralmusculature, scope of movement of the knee joint, posture sense and plantar function a s comparedwith the control group of patients. The authors draw attention to the importance of objec tivization ofthe effect of physiotherapeutic approaches consistent with the contemporary trend of so-calledevidence-based practice.

Key words:
special therapeutic approaches, sensomotor stimulation, proprioceptivetraining, evidence-based practice

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Physiotherapist, university degree Rehabilitation Sports medicine
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