P e r s p e c t i v e s o f A u t o m a t i o n o f C o n t i n u o u s l y C h a n g i n g L o a d s f o r C e r-v i c a l T r a c t i o a

Authors: A. Dyszkiewicz 1;  G. Sapota 2;  K. Imielski 1
Authors‘ workplace: Rehabilitační oddělení Nemocnice Cieszyn, Polsko 2 Slezská univerzita Sosnowiec, Polsko
Published in: Rehabil. fyz. Lék., , 1999, No. 4, pp. 119-124.


Mechanical system for the systematic regulation of load in cervical traction. The work presentsproblems resulting from the use of Glisson’s loop in the treatment of cervical spine dysfunctionsmanifested as vertigo and fainting. The aforementioned symptoms indicate lack of adaptation of thevascular and nervous systems of head and neck to the sudden action of a load. The mechanicaldevice for modulating the power of the load of the loop is the subject of this work. It allows to starttreatment sessions with a minimum that is increased gradually, allowing the nervous system enoughtime to adjust.The results of the research presented in this work, made evev on a specially sensitive subjects, fullyprove the advantages of the method.

Key words:
cervical traction, pain syndrome of the cervical spine, complications

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Physiotherapist, university degree Rehabilitation Sports medicine
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