I n v e n t i v e N o n - c o n v e n t i o n a l R e h a b i l i t a t i o n M e t h o d i n C a s e o f M o r b u sC a l v é - L e g g - P e r t h e s

Authors: A. Pedan
Authors‘ workplace: Neštátne rehabilitačné zariadenie KINEX, a. s., Bytča, Slovenská republika
Published in: Rehabil. fyz. Lék., , 1999, No. 4, pp. 142-146.


In a case of a female patient M. I. (ID 895429/8658) an application of non-conventional intensiverehabilitation treatment at patient’s home was performed, prevented and supported by trained andskilled parents. At the same time, an out-patient department rehabilitation treatment with controllingand detailing the rehabilitation programme and applying elements of an myoskeletal reflex therapywas provided.Performing this treatment procedure a very surprising therapy effect was achieved in an acceleratedstart of significant regeneration of proximal epiphysis, documented by X-rays, with signs of thefemoral head reconstruction. The regeneration of hypotrophic gluteal muscles of the ahdicaped sitewas 1 to 2 months ahead compared with regeneration changes realized by X-ray controls.The global therapy by means of this rehabilitation method shortened the therapy at this patient byabout one year, not breaking the school and being at home. Saving costs of one year stay in children’shospital has a remarcable importance too.

Key words:
m. Calvé-Legg-Perthes, non-conventional rehabilitation method, rehabilitati-on treatment in the home-care, dynamic decompression, revascularization and modelling ofthe femoral head by rehabilitation, shortening of the average treatment time

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Physiotherapist, university degree Rehabilitation Sports medicine
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